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People think that hackers (not attackers) are hypocritical because they think that information should be free, but hackers don't give away their information, well no personal information should be released. other information, like about research or facts about things should be released for free.

My bookmarks

I have bookmarked these pages at sometime so they must have some importance. I will also make sure that these links actually work

VERY good sites to go to.

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Project Information

OSRC The Operating System Resource Center

The OperatingSystem Developers Homepage

The OSKit Project (VERY cool)

Write Your Own Operating System


Firewall Guide FAQ (kinda old)

Sniffing (network wiretap, sniffer) FAQ

The SANS Institute - Home Page

Computer Ports (Networking ports, you can also see rfc 1700  (but rfc's are boring))


Debian GNU-Linux Community's LiveJournal

Debian Planet debianHELP Militantly FREE software help. - Debian-Linux - Mailing List Archives


Intro to Linux - Features of Linux - Slide #02

Parallel Processing Using PCs and Linux, slide 1 of 1

Some Useful Stuffs in My Site

The Linux OS

The Online Library

Topcat - Beowulf Class SuperComputer


(this is very interesting because it has lots of hardware info, I remember book marking it because it has a lot of information because I am in school we get lots of old computers that where donated. And many times it is hard to get the right drivers for them. IT TAKES A WHILE TO LOAD.)

CSCO (Cisco) some stuff that helped me with the routers at school.

Cisco config information  

Cisco Password Recovery Procedure (the cool thing with Cisco routers is you can get into the router and recover the password, but, you must have physical access to the router.)

Cisco Router Troubleshooting Internet Protocols (IP)